Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Hottest Boutique: Your Closet!

The season is changing and you are thinking about what you will wear. There are things you would like to have but you need to watch your budget. It’s time to do the ultimate in economical shopping. It’s time to shop your closet! Imagine you are going shopping, but the boutique is your closet. This means you are giving it an impersonal look. No guilt allowed for the jacket you spent too much on, only wore a couple of times, and now you realize you don’t even like it. Would you buy it now?

When you are shopping either online or in a local store you don’t fret over the things you don’t like. You concentrate on the items you would love to own. That’s what you need to do here! The plan is to pick out the best of what you already own and to find ways you can wear them in the current or upcoming season. The number one rule when you shop at Your Closet Boutique is to pick only items that fit well, look great on you and that you love. If you have any negative feelings like you dislike the puffed sleeves or the way it drapes you wouldn’t buy it in a store so don’t include it.


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  1. Woah you were right I just checked my closet OMG!


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